Portrait by Marlen Mueller - February 2014


Bonjour Johanna was launched in December 2010 as an open diary about my daily life as a creative, but also as a platform to share about my field of interest such as fine arts, textiles, literature, cinema, dance, ethnology and languages. Reports from various events to which I attend are also made from time to time.

Until June 2010 I studied Arts & Textile Design at the Fine Arts School "Haute école des arts du Rhin" (Le Quai) in France. Since I traveled around, moved to Zürich for almost a year in 2010 and settled in Berlin in Spring 2011. I  am still traveling every month and live in a flat in Berlin Mitte / Prenzlauerberg with my fiancé Jatinder Singh Durhailay and work daily across painting, drawing, pattern design, textiles, photography and publishing. I also design, run and curate the online concept store Bonjour Supermarket.

You're very welcome to contact me for commissions and collaborations.

You can also find me on: Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Vimeo, Instagram: Bonjourjohannatagada

Thank you for your visit & support,

Johanna Tagada


Left photo by Evelyn Dragan - Berlin, Fall 2013