Un goût amer,

A fly at 6.40am tomorrow morning from Paris to Berlin, working from 11.45am to 8.15pm (same until Sunday), this is how the next ten days start. I say ten days, become I hope after that life slows down again to let me breath. Sunday my friends and I will be packing all my stuff in boxes from my apartment in Berlin Neukolln, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon I have to call a company to move my boxes and furniture to a place that I don't know yet, as I still didn't find an other apartment / working studio... Berlin you became so hard.

Though I have friends that offer me their couch / space in their house (oh i can't tell you how grateful I am for the messages I got from my friends), I can't fully enjoy my stay in Paris, my mind keeps busy with questions such as "Where will I go live? How long will that situation go on? Where will I stock my stuff? How will I do for my work? Will I carry my painting material and sewing machine around for weeks? ..." 

So for now if there is no blogpost, orders going out late (sorry if this happens), late answers to mail.. i hope that you will understand the reasons for it.


  1. Keep calm, I am sure everything will be fine and great!

  2. Courage Johanna. Plein de douces pensées pour toi.

  3. les périodes de transition. y'a bon!

  4. good luck with everything Johanna !!!!

  5. I hope everything is going well for you<3.
    Please take care of yourself.


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