Mercredi / 水曜日

Japanese homework :) Today is the last lesson of the weekly Japanese class I take since January! I'm still far of making Japanese the fourth language in which I would be fluent, but I improved...

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  1. As I really like your pictures (your colors are always lovely) and I'm really hungry right now... oh, those pictures of donuts!
    Ganbatte, ne!

  2. wow, amazing you learning Japanese.. and adore your design.. from Berlin,too! xo

  3. Oh the colours... so beautiful. I'm always tempted to buy one of these donuts because of their aesthetic, but I haven't had the courage yet. And Japanese is such a fun language... I learned some Japanese while I was living in Japan years ago but have forgotten almost everything. I'm on to Finnish at the moment, which is also a really fun language! Thanks for your inspiring photos!

    1. Donuts look but they even taste better! You should definitely try some ;)

      And I'm so glad you like the colors of my photographs :)
      Thank you for your kind words,

  4. These pictures are so great! I love the colors :D

  5. Your mugs are adorable, Johanna! Good luck with your Japanese class~

  6. That looks like such a nice way to relax after class! A donut and a hot drink. The colors are so nice!

  7. Fourth language? what are the others?


  8. Glad you like the colour palette in my photographs! Thank you,


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