Due to the amount of mails and comments often asking the same questions I will add a F.A.Q. page on Bonjour Johanna in about ten days. If you have some more question(s) please leave them in a comment below,

* I'm sorry for all the mails of my readers asking me about Was is difficult to go lives in Switzerland, health assurance in Switzerland, how I moved to Berlin... I didn't answer to that kind of mails to many of you. Even though I would like to help you, I sadly don't have enough time and also I don't think that I'm the right person for that. All I can say is that to move you mostly need motivation and nerves when it has to do with administrative things.


  1. aww your faq link doesnt work for me :-(

  2. moi non plus tu ne m'as pas répondu, je suis triste.

  3. oo! where did you get those glasses? they are lovely!

  4. Aaron: No F.A.Q. link yet! I will make you with the questions I often got + the one which will be posted here. xx

    Martin: Next time I see you in Berlin I will tape you nose as well! xx

    Sophie: C'est fait! ♥

    Myrthe: Old ones in which I asked an optician to put my corrective lenses in.

  5. thank you so much, johanna. i even got more pissed today when an anonymous reader really offended me in a comment saying i shouldn't have post the link because she was seeing my blog with her nephew and she would never come to my blog again and i really deserved they posted my photo there. it was so horrible, people can be terrible sometines! i discovered about the photo because i have access to my flickr stats and i was getting so many view on that one.
    well, it's the internet. i better get really used to it.

    i can't wait to see the faq! you seem to be an incredibly interesting person.

  6. haha great pictures -funny glasses. :D


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