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Friday evening, I bought those two cactus & two white pots. Early saturday morning, I painted the pots,even inside. I'm so happy to have those two plants, they look so funny ! I like to imagine them singing, one would make"Lula-Lula" & the other one "LoLu-Lulo".
Thursday morning  I found this book Crao - Indianer der Roten Berge, on the market  for only 1 euro ! It was published in 1963. And yesterday afternoon, I bought this book about Yoshitomo Nara I'm looking for since years. It's a book about his exhibition I don't mind, if you forget me, which tooks place in 2001. The cover of the book was a bit destroyed, so the saler reduced the price. Oh, I walked home so happy!


  1. these must be the most stylish cactus i've ever seen :)

  2. ahhhhhhhh, those pots!!!! Way too cute. I might have to do the same.

  3. what great plants :) they both look amazing in their new 'dresses'

  4. Lucky you, Nara Yoshitomo is such an awesome artist! I love succulents/cactus - they rock!

  5. oh girl u are lucky!!! these books seem so interesting. i told u i was once so interested in indian culture...i lll share my collection with u hehe:)
    your chanting plants are the best.


  6. plants in your cute pots would make me happy too : )
    i like that you imagine them singing. that's the best! and what wonderful book finds. yoshitomo nara is a fav of mine.

  7. Thank you !
    The cactus are really happy about those comments ;)

  8. those pots look great! excellent idea!

  9. those plants you bought are sooo nice!!
    and i like how your painted the pots!! very clever!!
    i have the same plant on the right, maybe they will sing together too :-D

  10. Hello Joahanna. I discovered your blog through Katie at bonjour, ok. I love how people's blogs take me to other new people. In Toronto, we have a small second-hand bookshop in an area called the Junction. Browsing there and returning with a some worn-out books always makes feel just happy. So I totally understand the feeling of having found treasure. And I love a bargain, :)

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